1. Nicole Buckingham

    Nicole Buckingham

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    😂😂😂 he’s crying, he didn’t win Ben was still wanting to fight ☹️

  2. Anthony Hofmann

    Anthony Hofmann

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    Best commentary ever lmfao “2 million on the set” snoop is the best

  3. Montel Paige

    Montel Paige

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    Did Snoop really bet 2 mil?? Who would be dumb enough to take that bet?

  4. Yah Boi 钱 Kaks

    Yah Boi 钱 Kaks

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    He’s using tiktok girls D Amelia sisters and some random one as ring girls

  5. Shawheen Azizi

    Shawheen Azizi

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    Ben is way tougher than that. He took a payday 🤣 good for him. Robbie Lawler hits way fucking harder.

  6. Raiders Perez

    Raiders Perez

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    I wonder how much jake paid

  7. KarlippoEis


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    Why was he crying like a bitch though

  8. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

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    Ok but why tf are Dixie and Charlie in the ring at the end

  9. tk421jc


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    How are we living in a society where this douche canoe is actually winning fights...when is he gonna fight someone in their prime

  10. Shaun Harrison

    Shaun Harrison

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    What a ridiculous commentary for a pointless fight

  11. Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

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    "Ben got that Vince Vaugh body." 😂😂😂 "He got the body of a history teacher." "Ben Askren's built like a bag of milk." Absolutely roasted in the first 30 seconds. They didn't have to do him like that. 😂💀

  12. Abeezy Hamdan

    Abeezy Hamdan

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    Why tf is Jake crying. Man this is pure trash.

  13. Zach Arnett

    Zach Arnett

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    He gets soooo excited to ko Nobody's!!

  14. iiExoticxz


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    Can like jake fight canelo already 🙄

  15. Jenny Danny P

    Jenny Danny P

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    Jake make more money then pro mma fighters off 1 fight!

  16. Timothy Meza

    Timothy Meza

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    Was that Charlie da melio

  17. Rodolfo Lumbang

    Rodolfo Lumbang

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    Jake paul vs mayweather next😂

  18. bluecrisis


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    Alright jj time to get up I'm tired of hearing about jake-

  19. Luke Olympia

    Luke Olympia

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    Pay up Dana white

  20. Trizzy420tv


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    That shit was 100000% staged there is no way Ben Askren gets K.O by a soft hit on the eye wtf

  21. Jay Sebring

    Jay Sebring

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    This guy was a champion in UFC? That's not a good look.

  22. What


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    Please fight an experienced boxer that is worth the competition. We know you won’t do that, Jake, but for God’s sake fight someone who can actually box and has a lot of experience for you to prove if you can be a high level boxer.

  23. JDB Real Gaming

    JDB Real Gaming

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    All that wrestling experience just to get in a boxing ring.... no...

  24. Nicole Buckingham

    Nicole Buckingham

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    These commentators are very annoying

  25. Yah Boi 钱 Kaks

    Yah Boi 钱 Kaks

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    This is such a joke lmaooo this is like WWE for Boxing world lmaoooo

  26. PowerMagika


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    He could have kept going.... but! He was gonna get that anyway.

  27. Team Pokerus

    Team Pokerus

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    How many new Jake Paul fans did this make I swear. ❤️ For Shadow ❤️!!!!

  28. Weazel Wez

    Weazel Wez

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    No loser in history has smiled so much, obviously rigged.

  29. Jorge Delgado

    Jorge Delgado

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    Anyone who pay to watch these kind of amateur fights is just a moron. Better go an find real amateur boxers which are 1,000 times more skilled and entertaining.

  30. Joey Salo

    Joey Salo

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    2:26 cute tydus🥺

  31. Mikhala Brown

    Mikhala Brown

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    feel bad for people who payed money for this fight it didn’t even last 5 minutes

  32. loqness


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    pete davidson: casually smokin his weed

  33. Simple Cal

    Simple Cal

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  34. Dylan Hayward

    Dylan Hayward

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    I don’t understand why he stopped the fight he should of had the count and been able to continue, for example Tyson fury vs Deontay wilder Tyson was knocked down brutally and the fight still continued Ben is the one out of the two to be able to take the punishment 😂 disappointed man

  35. dylan culbert

    dylan culbert

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    Ben what. That's not his name

  36. Virtical YT

    Virtical YT

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    jake paul gets so much hate but honestly he is a decent fighter

  37. BruhSoup


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    Could’ve done the highlights in 1 minute lmao

  38. Figgs313


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    Snoop easily was the show of this fight

  39. Hotshots2890


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    What kinda goof fight was that... I seen better shit on back yard boxing

  40. Armando d Natal cruz

    Armando d Natal cruz

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  41. Natan Teats

    Natan Teats

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    Ben is nutorius for getting knocked out quick af😂

  42. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan

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    ben is in mma and has taken bigger shots than jakes. hmmm i wonder what happened. maybe it was idk fixed

  43. michael boyle

    michael boyle

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    I’m done he said he’s never been hit by ILlevel or I’m dead

  44. Joseph Booker

    Joseph Booker

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  45. Garrett Fox

    Garrett Fox

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    Can we see jake fight an actual boxer already I mean shit everyone talking about how great a boxer he is but has yet to face a true opponent someone who boxes for a living. Sure he can beat up on old washed up basketball players and wrestlers who have never boxed before but let's see when really faced with a challenge

  46. Ben Turek

    Ben Turek

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    Why are the tik tok sisters there 8:40

  47. RL St.Andrews

    RL St.Andrews

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    I thought that commentators needed to have good vocabularies. No one wants to listen to you feeble idiots. Too bad,I was interested till you started speaking.

  48. ItzzExotix


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  49. Giselle Rosales

    Giselle Rosales

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    LMAOOO BRI WTH WAS THAT they were just running around-

  50. Frankie Hess

    Frankie Hess

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    Is this a joke?

  51. 3milio Gm

    3milio Gm

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    I hate how we barley see Jake fight. He needs to fight some one that actually knows how to box.

  52. Abeezy Hamdan

    Abeezy Hamdan

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    Bro commentators said “I hope they start kissing”? Hello?



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    Wtf jake Paul has a robot he should bring first place

  54. JaviejayNew


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    Damn, Ben is a terrible fighter. Lol that was too easy for Jake.

  55. Jerry Turner

    Jerry Turner

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    Snoop dogg is a comedian

  56. Almanbet Sapar

    Almanbet Sapar

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  57. Casper Lax

    Casper Lax

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    Respect to jake paul. Im officially a fan

  58. Omarrr-68


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    Snoop dog funny asf

  59. Siraj Riaz

    Siraj Riaz

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    Ben is a disgrace

  60. Desmond Phillips

    Desmond Phillips

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    Jake paul out here fighter retired old men who don't even box... You want real recognition fight someone who is a boxer(not a wrestler or a basketball player or another youtube star) and isn't retired.... All his fights look like back yard brawls there's no finesse

  61. Ron Does Psych

    Ron Does Psych

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    Jake against even an average *REAL* pro boxer in the same weight class would get *WRECKED*

  62. Danny Sanders

    Danny Sanders

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    Who paid the reff off??

  63. Shawn


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  64. barroso pk

    barroso pk

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    What a fucking joke

  65. PointZero


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    “Jake Paul is a great boxer” no he fucking ain’t, it’s his 3rd fight and askren is the first some what fighter he boxed that is not good at boxing but good in ground work

  66. Typical on Pc

    Typical on Pc

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    They called the fight off Ben would have won if they let him go longer

  67. Thomas Pickard

    Thomas Pickard

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    What a poor performance shit all around boxing and the commentators need to get a grip! WTF am I actually watching 😂😂

  68. KVK Combat sports

    KVK Combat sports

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    I really wanna see him fight Connor

  69. will s

    will s

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    Someone take snoop home

  70. Cj Reyes

    Cj Reyes

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    "Ben built like a milk bag"😂

  71. John Salas

    John Salas

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    Jake Paul boxes people that don’t know how to fight 😂

  72. Wayne Turner

    Wayne Turner

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    Glad I didn’t pay for that paperview

  73. Ryz


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    How much you think Jake paid him to let him do that

  74. VanBooter


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    Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear I thought that you'd want what I want Sorry, my dear! But where are the clowns Send in the clowns Don't bother, they're here

  75. Arslan blog

    Arslan blog

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    Jake Paul like a Dogecoin started as joke

  76. XanderOnCP


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    To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong...🙏❤

  77. QT Solo

    QT Solo

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    13:20 : black chemistry 13:23 white chemistry 🤣

  78. john delasko

    john delasko

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  79. Santo


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    Wow. What a joke. That's entertainment 2021.

  80. Reynaldo Baca

    Reynaldo Baca

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    Really? And he's going to drop to the canvas and cry like he just beat a CHAMPION and not a chump